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NIPUN Bharat Mission Planning & Implementation Template

1. Diagnostics and Goal Setting
1. Pre-Planning Activity : Diagnostic of Critical Enablers
   1.1   Availability of adequate number of teachers for primary grades and fill vacancies
   1.2   Adequate Teaching learning time - improved teacher attendance and develop common instruction schedule with dedicated time for literacy and numeracy
   1.3   Timely delivery of textbooks & uniforms
   1.4   Ensure basic facilities at every primary school as per RTE norms
   1.5   Identify pool of mentors and map them to teachers to provide onsite support at school level
   1.6   Strengthen SCERT, DIETs, BRCs and CRCs to provide academic support to teachers and teacher educators
   1.7   Catalyze support of SMCs in achieving NIPUN Bharat goals
   1.8   Availability of functional libraries and children's literature for FLN grades

2. Achievements of FLN Objectives / Lakshyas
   2.1   Translation of Guidelines for the implementation of NIPUN Bharat Mission and Vidya Pravesh Programme
   2.2   Baseline by states to understand current level of children against NIPUN benchmarks / Lakshyas
   2.3   Prepare 5-year plan with annual targets to achieve NIPUN Lakshyas

2. Academic Outcomes
3. Providing high quality Teaching & learning Materials to all schools
   3.1   Review of existing teaching & learning material
   3.2   Development of Teaching & learning material
   3.3   Timely availability of teaching learning material at schools
   3.4   Adapt/Adopt ‘Vidya Pravesh’ programme (guidelines & module)

4. Capacity building of Teacher and Teacher Educators
   4.1   Develop a cadre of trainers/master trainers at state and district level
   4.2   Build the capacity of DIETs for development of low cost contextualized TLMs for teachers and children
   4.3   Build capacity of identified mentors on various aspects of FLN to provide onsite support to teachers
   4.4   Roll out of FLN NISHTHA trainings for teachers
   4.5   Contextualize/translate FLN teacher competency framework
   4.6   Develop plan to train all teachers within 2 years on various aspects of FLN – Perspective, content, pedagogy, assessment, TLM
   4.7   Conduct training of teachers on various aspects of FLN

5. Student Assessments
   5.1   Strengthen School based assessment and Conduct school achievement survey / third party assessment
   5.2   Attaining grade level competencies / lakshyas

6. Multi stakeholder Communication and Awareness plan for the FLN mission
   6.1   Prepare 5-year comprehensive multistakeholder communication plan for awareness and participation of stakeholders
   6.2   Assess effectiveness of communication plan through rapid surveys

3. Administrative Outcomes
7. Setting up Institutional structure for NIPUN implementation
   7.1   Setting-up state level steering committee, State level PMU, District level PMU and ATF
   7.2   Conduct orientation of state and district PMUs on academic and administrative aspects of NIPUN Bharat

8. Management Information System for NIPUN
   8.1   Creation of app to track key KPIs planned under NIPUN at planned frequency

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